What is the best way to pull off your boots more easily?

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Hello, we are RADIAN , the shoe cobbler located in Aichi prefecture, Japan.
We specialize in repairing and customizing dress shoes and boots ,etc.

It seems some of those visiting our website are not only from japan but overseas.
(Thank you as always!!)
So as our new initiative, we are going to write articles in English regarding shoe repair and custom.
Basically the English version of articles are going to be written referencing
the Japanese-language version of articles posted previously in our website.
We hope this attempt will help you enjoy more customizing your favorite shoes and know more our craftsmanship as well.

Today’s topic is difficulty of putting on/pulling off your boots.

Have you ever experienced that you finally got boots you wanted so long,
but started to notice how troublesome it is to wear and remove it.
After all, put them away into a closet, and they end their life there…

Some may say that this troublesome task is like an everyday ritual that all boots enthusiasts have to get over.
(I rather enjoy this ritual every time I put them on.)

But anyway, the worst thing for boots is to lose their owner.

So how can we solve this issue??

Our suggestion is to attach side zipper to your boots.

Here is a pair of boots before installing side zipper.

And these are after installation.


By installing side zippers, we assure that you will never be troubled in this issue.

You can choose color of tape and zipper as you like.
So find the best combination for your boots referring in these examples.
It’s one of the pleasure of customizing boots.
Of course, if you have any inquiry, don’t hesitate to email us.
We suggest the best choice for you.

Zipper(YKK standard) 20,000 JPY +TAX
(*) In addition to YKK standard zipper,
you can also attach YKK excella, Vintage Talon zipper,
riri zipper from Switzerland, and so on.
Additional charge is necessary.


If you want to customize your boots like this,
please email us or ship your shoes to the address below.
What if you just want work boots with side zippers,
we can also get new/old boots by ourselves,
custom them, and ship to your country.
(Additional charge is necessary.)
So if you have any inquiry, just let us know.

e-mail: info@radian-mail.com
address: 106ー1 Fudagi-cho, Toyohashi, Aichi, Japan
    (Postal code: 440-0893 )

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