Redwingオックスフォード ソール交換


Hello, we are RADIAN , the shoe cobbler located in Aichi prefecture, Japan.
We specialize in repairing and customizing dress shoes and boots ,etc.

Today’s customize sample is Red Wing Oxford with Dr.Sole.
See the picture below after repairing.

Great look, great function, flawless.

This sole contains pulverized hemp cord which makes this look totally different from any other sole.
It looks casual like military taste, and also chic at the same time.
It has two characters which are the opposite of each other.
That’s why this sole is special.

I think this sole matches any shoes such as Irish Setter, Beckman, Engineer, even formal shoes.

Personally, black boots, tying black waxing flat shoelace and attaching this black sole, might be the great look.
I have Beckman Flatbox #9060 made of Klondike leather, so I hope I will introduce my customized shoes on this blog some day.

The feature of this sole is not only the unique design.
you can get better grip as well thanks to the cord.

I can assure Dr.sole makes your boots the only one for you.

Re-sole 19,000 JPY + TAX
Re-welt 12,000 JPY + TAX

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address: 106ー1 Fudagi-cho, Toyohashi, Aichi, Japan
(Postal code: 440-0893 )

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