Converse All Star Sneaker Custom with Horween Chromexel

convers all star スニーカーカスタム


Hello, we are RADIAN , the shoe cobbler located in Aichi prefecture, Japan. We specialize in repairing and customizing dress shoes and boots ,etc.

A customer brought a brand-new converse for customizing. Today’s custom example is about Converse All Star.

Took off original rubber sole and sow dark green colored leather on the upper canvas. This time we applied Horween Chromexcel leather, and the sole is Vibram #700. The color of stitch is yellow and white.
the color of canvas and leather is a little bit different but match well.

You can choose the color of leather and stitches from some choice. The type of sole, such as white crepe sole like Vibram #4014, rugged sole like Vibram #100, dressy leather sole, You can customize with whatever you want. The variation of sneaker custom is unlimited.


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