[English ver] Sneaker Custom VANS Slip-on

VANS slip on custom
( 2020.10.01 公開)

Hello, we are RADIAN , the shoe cobbler located in Aichi prefecture, Japan. We specialize in repairing and customizing dress shoes and boots ,etc.

Here’s a sneaker custom example of white-colored Vans slip-on.


Installed tanned leather.
Leather sole and EVA sponge sole installed as mid-sole
Vibram 1276
Beautiful stitching work

We can also customize other sneakers, so don’t hesitate to contact with us via e-mail if you have any inquiry.

e-mail: info@radian-mail.com
address: 106ー1 Fudagi-cho, Toyohashi, Aichi, Japan
(Postal code: 440-0893 )
We also introduce examples of repairing and customizing shoes
through Instagram(@radian572958)
and YouTube(search ” RADIAN すぎうら “)
So visit there too!